About Ed Hensley Photography

I've been a photographer even when I wasn't a photographer. In my writing, I focused on capturing moments in imagery. In my travels, I relished the images left behind my eyes of people and places. Time ticks through images. Memory knows its way between past and future with images. I picked up a camera first in the 1970s. What started as a curiosity and became a direction, then a passion. After setting serious photography aside for writing and publishing work, I returned when the choice between film and digital was still 50-50. The majority of serious photographers still used film. I chose digital. I'd like to think it was because I saw clearly into the future, but it was probably mainly for two reasons. First, I was ready for a completely clean slate and a new set of skills to learn. Second, I had worked on computers since the personal computer existed, so it was a world in which I was comfortable. And I haven't regretted it, though it took me several years to find the same skill and comfort level with a workflow as I'd had with film photography. 

I've always treasured the feeling of having my hands on a light-gathering and light-shaping tool as well as the first-hand experience of bring an image to life in the darkroom. I now feel no essential difference between the digital and non-digital photography worlds.

My current work is a balance of product, portrait, and personal projects. I photograph the works of artists for portfolio and reproduction as well as photographing the artists themselves. My personal projects range from street photography to collaborative projects with artists in other mediums.